Safe & Speedy Playground Transformation

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Safe & Speedy Playground Transformation

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Let's talk about playground mulch  for worry-free playtime

Playground Mulch

Playground mulch is adding a layer of soft, loose material like wood chips, rubber, or engineered wood fiber under and around playground equipment. This layer acts like a giant cushion, absorbing the impact of falls and helping to prevent bumps, scrapes, and even broken bones.

Think of it like landing on a bed of soft leaves instead of hard concrete. Playground mulch not only makes a safe playground for childrens, but it also helps keep weeds and bugs away, makes the ground less slippery, and even adds a natural, attractive look to the play area.

What is Playground Mulch Blowing?

Playground mulch blowing is a modern technique for installing playground surfacing material. While traditionally, mulch might be spread manually in Australia, blowing offers a faster and more efficient alternative. 

The truck feeds mulch into the blower, which then propels it through the hose for precise placement on the playground and transforms it to a soft playground. This method offers advantages like speed, accuracy, minimized damage to the surface, and the ability to reach hard-to-access areas, making it ideal for large playgrounds. Popular mulch choices include shredded hardwood, cedar mulch, playground bark, engineered wood fiber, playground wood chips but safety standards for fall impact protection are crucial when selecting the material.

Why Playground Mulching?

Australian playgrounds are vibrant hubs of activity, often blending natural elements like sandpits and wooden structures with modern play equipment. Playground landscaping is designed to foster creativity and physical activity, these playgrounds cater to children of all ages and abilities. With playground mulching, parents can relax as their children explore and play in these dynamic outdoor spaces. 

Moisture Retention:

Mulch acts like a sponge, minimizing water evaporation and keeping your soil consistently moist.

Weed Suppression:

Mulch creates a physical barrier that hinders weed seed germination and growth on the playground surface, saving you time and effort.

Temperature Regulation:

Mulch insulates the soil, moderating extreme temperature fluctuations which protect your plants from scorching summer heat and winter's harsh chills.

Erosion Prevention:

Mulch is a protective shield and helps in erosion control, preventing precious topsoil from washing away during heavy rain or irrigation.

Aesthetic Enhancement:

Mulch adds a beautiful finishing touch to your playground surface providing a variety of textures and colors that complement your plantings.

Shock Absorbers:

Mulch, being produced from natural materials, offers long-lasting protection and excellent shock absorption. 

Benefits You’ll Love

Protects Your Little Ones:

Our certified soft fall mulch cushions fall, reducing injury risk. A soft playground where falling is fun.

Goodbye Wounds:

Made from natural materials, our playground mulch provides superior shock absorption and long-lasting protection. 

Weed-Free Fun Zone:

Say goodbye to pesky weeds that steal playtime space. Our playground mulch keeps them at bay, leaving more room for games.

Budget-Friendly Safety:

Create a safe playground with playground landscaping that’s affordable and easy to install. We offer playground mulch in bulk which is budget friendly and provide safety to your loved ones.

Active Play, Easy Care:

Our soft fall playground mulch and playground bark is super durable and requires minimal upkeep giving you more time to play with your little ones.

High-Tech Blowing:

We spread the mulch effortlessly and fast to create a safe and cushioned play area free of trip hazards.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Right Mulch, Right Spot:

We'll take a close look at your soil, plants, and overall australian playground landscape to pick the perfect mulch type and amount for your needs.

Matching Colors & Styles:

We'll choose mulch colors and textures that blend beautifully with your existing plants and hardscaping, creating a unified and pleasing look.

Expert Application:

Our experienced team will carefully apply the playground mulch to ensure even coverage and prevent issues like root rot.

Why to choose Mega Mulchers?

Mega Mulchers provide certified playground mulch and expert installation for worry-free playtime for your loved ones

Safety First:

Our certified soft fall mulch prioritizes your child's safety, meeting stringent fall impact protection standards on Australian playgrounds.

Quality You Trust:

We deal with playground mulch in bulk which is natural, high-quality mulch sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring durability and long-lasting protection.

Efficiency at its Best:

Advanced blowing technology delivers precise mulch application quickly, saving you time and effort.

Unwavering Commitment:

We strive to exceed your expectations, from expert mulch selection to professional installation, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable playground experience for your children.

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Say hello to a landscape that stands out in your neighborhood.
Timmy and the team are responsible and fulfill their commitments. We had to get mulch blown for a property due for auction at 7:00 AM and had to finish the work by 9:00 as the Auction began at 11:00.They came at time, blew the mulch and cleaned up before 9:00.Would recommend them any day.

Kamal Mann

I had a great experience with the Mega Mulchers team - their process is hassle free and quick. The job was completed so quickly and to such a high standard - would definitely recommend them for others and work with them again in the future.

Shubham Saxena

Amazing work by Mega mulchers. I'm a landscaping contractor and needed to sub out the work of laying 80 cubic meters of mulch. I called them and they brought in their mulch blowing truck and completed the work in 4-5 hours.

Dakshay Singla

We needed a soultion to to spread 12 cubic meters of soil for laying new turf in the backyard as our backyard is difficult to access. We called in Mega Mulchers and they blew the soil in less than 2 hours.Thanks to the team.

Anood Rahman

We hired Mega Mulchers for blowing Scoria rock on our new built garden beds in Clayton.
Great service, highly responsive.

Tanvi Chadha

Want to get playground mulch laying done ?

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Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria



Terraseeding is an innovative technique designed to create lush, green landscapes with minimal soil disturbance. This method involves the application of a slurry mixture of seed, mulch, and fertilizers directly onto unstable soil and terrain using specialized equipment. Terraseeding ensures excellent seed-to-soil contact and improved germination rates, making it an exceptionally effective method for land restoration and vegetation establishment on slopes.

Why Terraseeding?

Terraseeding offers a superior approach to traditional seeding methods, ensuring better seed distribution, protection, and growth. It is particularly beneficial for challenging terrains of Australia where soil erosion and instability are concerns. By integrating mulch and fertilizers into the seed slurry, terraseeding promotes rapid germination and healthy plant development, leading to more robust and sustainable vegetation coverage.

Enhanced Germination Rates:

This method promotes higher germination rates by providing optimal seed-to-soil contact and incorporating nutrient-rich mulch.

Soil Stabilization:

Highly effective for stabilizing slopes and help in erosion control, making it ideal for areas with challenging terrains.

Minimal Disturbance:

Causes significantly less soil disruption compared to traditional seeding methods, preserving the natural landscape.

Sustainable Growth:

It fosters long-term vegetation health and sustainability by encouraging robust root systems and healthy plant growth.


It lowers labor and material costs, providing an economical solution for projects of any size.

Benefits You’ll Love

Advanced Technology:

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure precise application and superior seed-to-soil contact, promoting rapid germination and healthy growth.

High-Quality Materials:

We use premium seeds, nutrient-rich mulch, and eco-friendly fertilizers to enhance soil health and support sustainable vegetation growth.

Experienced Team:

Our terraseeding specialists have extensive experience and training, ensuring high-quality results and expert handling of every project.

Environmentally Friendly Practices:

Our methods minimize soil disturbance and promote ecological balance, contributing to a healthier environment and sustainable landscapes.

Customized Plans:

We create customized terraseeding plans to meet the specific challenges and needs of your terrain, guaranteeing the most effective and efficient application.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Let’s Talk:

Book a consultation with us to evaluate your project needs and terrain, where we'll offer expert advice and tailored recommendations.

Customized Plan:

Based on what you need, we develop a tailored terraseeding plan that ensures optimal results for your landscape project.

Let’s Make it Happen:

Our team utilizes advanced equipment to apply the terraseeding solution, ensuring accurate distribution and successful germination.

Our Services:

For restoring damaged landscapes, stabilizing slopes, or controlling erosion, the Mega Mulchers team is ready to assist. We employ innovative techniques and high-quality materials to ensure your project achieves outstanding results for Australian land.

With our customized method, we make sure that our solutions are exactly what you need, so you always get good results that last. Here are the main services we offer besides playground mulch, mulch blowing and softfall mulch to help you change and improve your surroundings.

Land Restoration:

We rehabilitate damaged or disturbed land with lush, green vegetation that promotes ecological balance and aesthetic appeal.

Slope Stabilization:

Our experts establish vegetation on slopes to prevent erosion and enhance stability, ensuring the long-term health of the terrain.

Erosion Control:

Shielding your land from erosion is our expertise. Through meticulous terraseeding techniques, we fortify your soil, ensuring stability while fostering lush plant growth. Our solutions go beyond mere protection; they cultivate resilience, safeguarding your terrain for generations to come.

Custom Terraseeding Plans:

We offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your landscape project, ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Erosion control is the application of methods and techniques intended to stop water flow and soil erosion in Australia with an erosion control blanket to maintain stable and undamaged landscapes. Planting trees is one of the easiest ways to reduce erosion; other more sophisticated methods include hydroseeding and putting in an erosion control blanket. These techniques guard property values, lower the chance of environmental harm, and preserve soil health. Erosion control solutions generally involve erosion control grass, matting, hydro seeding and other erosion control products.

Why Erosion Control?

Keeping your environment both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound requires erosion management. Degradation of soil, poisoning of water, and instability of the landscape are only a few of the serious environmental and property consequences of unchecked erosion. Putting erosion control solutions into place helps to safeguard both the environment and your investment. Natural wind and water activities can seriously damage property and result in expensive repairs and the loss of valuable land if erosion is not properly controlled.

Soil Preservation:

Erosion control measures prevent the loss of fertile topsoil, crucial for agriculture and natural ecosystems, maintaining soil health and productivity and helps to control soil erosion in Australia.

Water Quality Improvement:

By reducing sediment runoff into water bodies, these services help maintain clean and healthy waterways, essential for drinking water supplies and aquatic habitats.

Flood Prevention:

Enhances soil absorption and reduces runoff, mitigating the impact of heavy rainfall and preventing floods that can damage properties and infrastructure.

Infrastructure Protection:

Erosion can undermine roads, bridges, buildings, and other structures. It protects these infrastructures, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Increased Land Value:

Properties with effective erosion control matting or erosion control grass are often more valuable due to improved land stability, aesthetics, and usability.

Benefits You’ll Love

Expert Crew:

Our knowledgeable staff is well-versed in their field and has a genuine concern for your landscape, which enables them to provide it with the most effective care possible.

Excellent Quality:

To ensure that your plants flourish and that your yard remains healthy and green, we only use the highest quality dirt that has been carefully selected.

Safety First:

Because we are most concerned about your safety, we will maintain your yard clean and secure while we are working so that you may take it easy.

Efficiency 101:

We have sophisticated machines that make the task quick and simple, so saving you both time and the headache of doing it.


We offer cheap costs without compromising on the quality of our services, so you won't have to spend a fortune to get the best possible service.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Let’s Talk:

Call us, email us, or fill out our online form to discuss your erosion control needs and set up an initial consultation.

We Do Checks:

We'll visit your property, assess the erosion problems, and create a custom erosion control plan specifically for your landscape.

Let’s Make it Happen:

Our skilled team will pump in soil bedding using cutting-edge technology to ensure soil is spread evenly and efficiently in no time.

Our Services

Mega Mulchers erosion control australia services and erosion control products in Western Australia and Melbourne offer top-notch hydroseeding solutions tailored to your site's needs. Hydroseeding involves spraying a mixture of water, seeds, fertilizer, and mulch blowing onto the soil, creating a protective barrier against erosion while promoting rapid vegetation growth. 

Despite initial costs, our hydroseeding method ensures long-term benefits, including cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. Now, if you're restoring landscapes or stabilizing slopes, our hydroseeding service is your go-to solution for preserving the integrity of your environment.


An innovative technique for planting vegetation quickly and efficiently, promoting soil stabilization and erosion prevention. Hydro seeding involves spraying a mixture of seeds, mulch, and fertilizers onto the soil, encouraging rapid and healthy plant growth.

Erosion Control Blankets:

We install specialized blankets to protect soil from erosion and enhance seed germination. These blankets are designed to hold soil in place while promoting the establishment of vegetation.

Sediment Control:

We prevent sediment from being washed away, protecting local waterways and maintaining soil quality. For sediment control we use barriers, silt fences, and other techniques to capture sediment and prevent it from contaminating water bodies.

Slope Stabilization:

We implement measures to stabilize slopes and prevent landslides, ensuring the safety and stability of your property. Our solutions for erosion control australia include retaining walls, vegetation, and other techniques designed to reinforce and stabilize slopes.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Rock Pumping

Rock Pumping

Rock pumping is an innovative and efficient method for transporting and placing rocks in various locations, including homes, gardens, and commercial spaces. This technique utilizes specialized equipment, such as rock pumps, to ensure precise placement and distribution of materials like scoria rocks. Ideal for enhancing landscapes, creating aesthetically pleasing environments, and practical applications like erosion control, rock pumping offers a seamless solution for various projects.

Why Rock Pumping?

Rock pumping offers numerous advantages over traditional methods of rock placement. Here’s why it’s an excellent choice for your residential and commercial projects:


Rock pumping significantly reduces the time and labor required to transport and place rocks, ensuring your projects are completed faster.


The use of rock pumps ensures accurate placement, minimizing waste and optimizing the use of materials.


Rock pumping is suitable for a wide range of applications, from enhancing garden aesthetics to improving commercial landscapes.


By reducing labor costs and material waste, rock pumping provides a more budget-friendly solution.

Benefits You’ll Love

State-of-the-Art Equipment:

Our rock pumps and blowing trucks are designed to provide fast and efficient rock placement, ensuring top-quality results.

Experienced Team:

Our skilled professionals are trained in all aspects of rock pumping, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process from start to finish.

Speed and Efficiency:

Our methods are optimized to be faster and less labor-intensive, allowing us to complete your projects with minimal disruption.

Comprehensive Services:

From scoria blowing to supplying scoria rocks, we offer a full range of services to meet your unique needs.

Efficient Service:

We work quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your property and your regular routine.

Guaranteed Satisfaction:

We stand behind our work. Your complete satisfaction is our priority and we ensure you get what you are promised.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Talk :

Reach out to us to discuss your project requirements. Our experts will provide professional advice on the best solutions tailored to your needs.


We will provide a detailed quote that outlines the costs for scoria rocks price or as per your needs and timelines for your project, ensuring transparency and clarity.

Let’s Make it Happen:

Our team will arrive on-site with the necessary equipment to efficiently complete your project, ensuring top-quality results.

Our Services

Mega Mulchers offer a comprehensive range of rock pumping services tailored to suit various residential and commercial requirements. Our services include scoria blowing, scoria rock supply, scoria pumping, erosion control, and decorative landscaping, all tailored to transform your outdoor spaces with precision and excellence.

Scoria Blowing:

Our specialized equipment efficiently blows scoria rocks into designated areas, perfect for garden enhancements and commercial landscapes.

Scoria Rock Supply:

We provide high-quality scoria rocks for purchase, along with delivery and placement services to ensure your project is completed seamlessly.

Scoria Pumping:

Our scoria pumping services ensure precise and efficient placement of scoria rocks, optimizing their use for your landscaping needs.

Erosion Control:

We employ specialized rock pumping techniques that helps in erosion control and stabilize landscapes, making your outdoor spaces more durable.

Decorative Landscaping:

Enhance your outdoor spaces with meticulously placed scoria rocks, adding a natural and aesthetic appeal to your environment.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Mulch Blowing Truck Service

Mulch Blower Truck

Our mulch blowing truck service is a modern solution designed for efficient mulch distribution over large areas. By using advanced blower trucks services, we ensure that mulch is spread evenly with minimal manual effort. Perfect for both residential gardens and commercial landscapes, our mulch pump trucks provide a seamless and effective service.

Why Mulch Blowing Truck Service?

Choosing our mulch blowing truck services means prioritizing convenience, efficiency, and professional results. Our blower trucks apply mulch uniformly, significantly reducing time and labor costs wether it is playground mulch, soft fall mulch and more. This method is particularly advantageous for reaching difficult or tight areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage and a neat finish.

Efficiency and Speed:

Mulch blowing trucks cover large areas quickly, saving time compared to manual spreading.

Precision and Coverage:

Blower trucks ensure even mulch distribution, reaching tight or hard-to-access spots for a uniform finish.

Cost Savings:

Reduced need for manual labor and minimized waste lower overall project costs.

Minimal Physical Strain:

Eliminates heavy lifting and manual spreading, reducing physical strain and increasing safety and productivity.

What makes our blower trucks stand out?

Long-distance application:

We can blow mulch up to 200 feet away from the road, eliminating the need for manual hauling across vast areas.

Exceptional height coverage:

Our powerful blowers can reach heights of up to 5 stories, making them ideal for mulching around trees, buildings, or other elevated features.

Tight access mastery:

Forget about limitations caused by narrow spaces or difficult terrain. Our maneuverable blower trucks ensure comprehensive coverage in even the trickiest areas.

Benefits You’ll Love

Ditch the Wheelbarrow:

Our mulch blower truck services conquer large areas in a flash, eliminating the need for a crew of shovelers, saving you precious time and our mulch blower truck is a great option for mulch spreader services.

Mulch with Finesse:

Forget the struggle of reaching tricky spots! Our precision-designed blower trucks place mulch exactly where you want it, minimizing waste and maximizing coverage for a flawless finish.

Uniform Beauty:

Our blower trucks guarantee a consistent, professional-looking layer of mulch across your entire landscape, elevating its visual appeal.

Budget-Friendly Mulching:

By reducing the need for manual labour, our mulch blower truck service brings down your overall project costs.

Eco-Conscious Mulching:

Our controlled application method with blower trucks minimizes mulch waste compared to traditional methods, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Connect & Consult:

Simply contact us to discuss your project and schedule a free consultation.

Clear Quote:

Receive a transparent and detailed estimate outlining the cost and scope of our blower truck service.

Fast & Flawless Mulching:

Looking for “mulch close to me”? Our team will arrive on-site with our high-powered blower truck for mulch delivery and spread mulch efficiently and precisely, leaving your landscape looking its best.

Our Services

Upgrade your mulching experience and ditch the shovel for good! If you are looking for “mulch suppliers near me”, Mega Mulchers are there to serve you. Our innovative mulch blower truck service, utilizing high-powered mulch pump trucks, offers a superior solution for residential gardens, sprawling commercial landscapes, and even large-scale municipal projects.Blow in mulch quickly and efficiently across large areas with minimal disruption. Our expert blower truck operators ensure precise placement, creating an even, professional-looking mulch coverage that reaches even tricky spots.

Mulch Blower Hire:

Rent our advanced mulch blower trucks for DIY projects, putting professional-grade equipment at your fingertips.

Blow-In Mulch Application:

Let our experienced team handle the delivery and application, ensuring thorough and even mulch coverage across your landscape.

Mulch Spreading Services:

Achieve a polished and well-maintained look with our comprehensive mulch spreader services. Let us take care of the hard work!

Residential and Commercial Landscaping:

Our services cater to both residential gardens and commercial landscapes, providing tailored solutions for each project.

Municipal Projects:

We handle large-scale municipal projects, offering efficient and effective mulch distribution for public spaces.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Bulk mulch deliveries

Mulch delivery and supply

Looking to give your garden a fresh, vibrant look without all the hard work? You've come to the right place. Whether you're searching for "mulch delivery near me," need bulk mulch delivery, or simply want the best mulch for your landscape, we're in this with you.

Why Choose Our Mulch Delivery Service?

Ultimate Convenience

No need to struggle with heavy mulch bags or multiple trips to the store. Our mulch delivery in  Melbourne, Victoria and brings everything you need right to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

Expert Recommendations

Not sure which mulch is best for your garden? Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the perfect mulch for your specific needs, ensuring your garden looks its best.

Superior Quality

We provide only top-quality mulch supplies, sourced from trusted suppliers. Our mulch is lab-tested to ensure it meets the highest standards, and our mulch supply will give your garden the care it deserves.

Long-Lasting Results

Our mulch is designed to last. It provides lasting beauty and protection for your plants, ensuring your garden stays vibrant and healthy for a long time.

Wide Variety

From different textures and colors to Australian native landscapes mulch, we offer a wide range of options. You'll find exactly what you need to make your garden shine.

Competitive Prices: 

At Mega Mulchers, we believe in offering the best mulch prices for your landscaping needs. With our competitive mulch prices for mulch delivery, you can enhance your outdoor space without draining your wallet. Trust Mega Mulchers to deliver quality mulch at unbeatable rates, making your project both affordable and impressive.

Our Services

Local Mulch Supplies

Searching for "mulch supplies near me"? We offer convenient local options for mulch blowing and mulch delivery needs, providing both small and large quantities for mulch delivery melbourne. Get your mulch quickly and support your garden projects without delay.

Mulch Bags and Bulk Options

Need a few bags or a truckload of bulk mulch? We have flexible delivery options to suit all project sizes like bulk mulch delivery and mulch bags, ensuring you get the right amount of mulch for your garden with ease.

Specialty Mulch for Native Landscapes

Enhance your garden with softfall mulch designed for Australian native plants. Our specialty mulch nurtures local flora and creates a cohesive, natural look.

Seasonal Mulch Delivery

Prepare your garden for any season with our seasonal mulch delivery. Whether for spring planting or winter protection, we deliver the right mulch for your garden’s needs.

Commercial Mulch Delivery

Ideal for large-scale landscaping projects, our commercial mulch supply delivery provides bulk quantities of high-quality mulch for businesses, parks, and public spaces.

Custom Mulch Blends

Need something specific? We offer custom mulch blends tailored to your garden’s unique requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

How Does it Work?

Browse our website:

Learn about the different mulch materials we offer for the mulch for sale like playground mulch, softfall mulch and more, see our current pricing, and easily schedule your mulching service.

Get a personalized quote:

Fill out our quick online form or call us to discuss your yard size, desired mulch type, and any special requests. We'll provide a custom quote just for you.

Schedule a free site visit:

For a more detailed assessment, we'll visit your property to understand your needs and create a tailored quote.

Relax and enjoy:

On your scheduled service day, our experienced team will take care of everything! Sit back, unwind, and watch your yard transform.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Tight access mulch laying

Tight Access Mulch Laying

Tight Access Mulch Laying is a specialty landscaping service that uses lengthy hoses and sophisticated blowing and soil spreader trucks to distribute and supply mulch to difficult-to-reach places. In places where traditional machinery or personal labor would be impossible, this method guarantees that mulch is applied uniformly and effectively, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for improving and preserving landscapes.

Why Choose Tight Access Mulch Laying?

Keeping a landscape that is both beautiful and healthy can be hard for both homeowners and businesses, especially when it comes to places that are hard to get to. Our Tight Access Mulch Laying service provides a smooth softfall mulch blowing  solutions that not only improves the look of your property but also protects the health and longevity of your landscape with the least amount of work and inconvenience. Here are some strong reasons why you should pick our service: 

Benefits of Tight Access Mulch Laying

Precision Placement:

No more spills that are a mess! We have special tools that help us put mulch exactly where it needs to go, even in small areas.

Plant Protection:

No longer worry about hurting your favorite plants. Our careful methods will cause as little damage as possible to the plants you already have.

Compact Power:

We have small but powerful machines that are made to fit in small areas. These are very good at getting through tight spaces and going around things like trees or ponds.

Less is More:

Forget about the problems of hard physical work. We get the job done faster and cleaner with the help of our specialized tools and equipment that help us work quickly and lose less.

Easy and Beautiful Results:

We turn your uneven yard into a smooth, aesthetically pleasing area, so you don't have to deal with the stress of doing it yourself.

Benefits You’ll Love

Skilled Professionals:

Whatever the access restrictions, our skilled team has the skills and experience to guarantee a perfect mulch application.

Top-Tier Equipment:

We use special tools made just for putting mulch in tight spaces, so you can be sure that it will be spread evenly and completely.

Customizable Solutions:

Our services are made to fit your specific wants. We'll talk about your plans and assist you in choose the right type and amount of mulch for your yard.

Efficient Service:

We work quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your property and your regular routine.

Guaranteed Satisfaction:

We stand behind our work. Your complete satisfaction is our priority and we ensure you get what you are promised.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Free Quote, Hassle-Free:

Get started with a free, no-obligation quote. Just give us a call and we'll create a plan tailored to your specific project.

Schedule Your Slot:

Once you're happy with the quote, pick a date and time that works best for you. We'll be there promptly to get started

Let’s Make it Happen:

Our experienced team takes care of the mulching. We'll work efficiently to minimize disruption, leaving you with a refreshed and beautiful landscape to enjoy.

Our Services

Mega Mulchers make mulching easy, even in those hard-to-reach spots. Our Tight Access Mulch Laying or mulch blowing service is perfect for anyone dealing with tricky areas like narrow pathways, steep hills, or crowded gardens. With our special equipment, we can quickly and precisely lay mulch where you need it most, without all the back-breaking manual labor.We can help homeowners seeking to get playground mulch, update their gardens or businesses wanting to maintain their grounds in excellent condition. Give us the problem of mulching so you can enjoy a lovely, well-kept yard.

Residential Landscaping:

Enhance your home’s curb appeal with a fresh layer of mulch in garden beds, around trees, and along pathways.

Commercial Properties:

Keep your business premises looking professional and well-maintained with our efficient mulch laying service for your garden, sand pits and more.

Public Spaces:

Beautify parks, playgrounds, and community gardens with our expertly applied mulch.

Seasonal Mulching:

Keep your landscape looking its best year-round with our seasonal mulch spraying services.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

High rise mulch pumping

High-Rise Mulch Pumping

High-rise mulch pumping is a specialist landscaping service that addresses the issues of moving mulch to elevated or difficult-to-access locations. Traditional technologies, such as wheelbarrows or conveyor belts, frequently fall short in high-rise environments with steep slopes or limited access. Our high-rise mulch pumping service uses innovative machinery, including mulch spray and mulch pump truck, to spray mulch onto the highest elevations of your property.

Why High-Rise Mulch pumping?

In situations when conventional mulch spraying techniques are not successful due to difficult landscapes, our high-rise mulch pumping service provides an ideal and risk-free alternative. We blow mulch in a manner that is both environmentally responsible and efficient, regardless of whether your property has elevated terrain, steep slopes, or regions that are difficult to access. Our knowledgeable team will handle the transportation of mulch with ease, so you can say goodbye to the inconveniences of manually transporting it. One can also choose Soil pump hire that offers efficient soil placement for landscaping projects, saving time and labour efforts. With powerful equipment, achieve precise soil distribution on the landscape for optimal results.


We can access challenging regions without the need for ladders or climbing thanks to our specialist equipment, which reduces the possibility of accidents or falls.

Time Savings:

Mulch is applied using this method in a fraction of the time compared to manual spreading. You can free up critical time by having your yard looking wonderful in a matter of hours.

Entire Coverage:

Using a high-rise mulch pump guarantees uniform and even application across your area. Patchy spots are eliminated as every nook and cranny is covered for a consistent, polished look.


High-rise mulch pumping may be less expensive than conventional techniques since it requires less work and is more efficient.

Enhanced Efficiency:

This approach performs best in places that are difficult to access or have uneven terrain. Hills, slopes, and other difficult terrain are no match for our equipment.

Benefits You’ll Love

Expert Crews:

Our team is highly trained and experienced in high-rise mulch application. They know exactly how to get the job done right, efficiently, and safely.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment:

We invest in the latest mulch pumping equipment like mulch pump truck, reaching even the trickiest nooks and crannies of your yard. This ensures even coverage and a flawless finish.

Safety First, Always:

We have strict safety protocols in place to protect both our crew and your property. You can relax knowing everything is handled with the utmost care.

Customized Plans:

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We take the time to understand your specific landscape, including terrain and desired coverage, to create a customized plan to spray mulch.

Efficient Operations:

We streamline our process to minimize downtime and ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Competitive Pricing:

You get excellent value for your money. Our skilled workforce and cutting-edge equipment allow us to offer competitive rates without compromising on quality.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

We Talk Mulch:

Our friendly team visits your place to understand your needs and what works best for your landscape.

Get Set, Go!:

We take care of everything, setting up the area safely and efficiently. You can relax and forget the prep work hassle.

Let’s Make it Happen:

Using powerful equipment, we expertly blow mulch into every nook and cranny, leaving your entire landscape evenly covered.

Our Services:

The high-rise mulch blowing technique is a unique landscaping approach that was created to tackle elevated and difficult-to-reach locations. Our firm specializes in this technique.  Mega Mulchers employ cutting-edge technology to deliver several major benefits, in contrast to traditional approaches, which rely on manual labor and heavy equipment. 

High-Rise Mulch pumping:

Using advanced equipment, we blow mulch onto elevated and inaccessible areas, ensuring complete coverage for properties with steep slopes or rooftop gardens.

Erosion Control Expertise:

Using our extensive knowledge of erosion control principles, we strategically apply mulch to stabilize slopes and helps in soil erosion control, protecting your property from environmental risks.

Integrated Safety Protocols:

We follow strict safety rules and laws to ensure the safety of our team, your property, and the surrounding environment during the mulching process.

Customized pumping Techniques:

We use sophisticated ways to adapt mulch distribution based on terrain and elevation, ensuring uniform coverage and maximum soil protection.

Mulch Blower Truck Services:

We provide mulch blower truck services that efficiently applies mulch to large areas, reducing manual labour, saving time and also do mulch delivery quickly. With its powerful blowing mechanism, achieve uniform coverage for enhanced landscaping aesthetics.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Soft Fall Mulch

Soft Fall Mulch Blowing

Soft fall mulch blowing is a unique technique that can be used to promote playground safety. This method uses specialized machinery to blast the mulch into place, resulting in a homogeneous covering of soft fall mulch that absorbs impact. This ensures that children are protected from damage while playing in a soft fall playground setting that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Soft fall mulch blowing ensures even and consistent application of mulch, adding to playground safety and appeal with the playground soft fall mulch. Whether you need soft fall playground surfaces for open areas, bark soft fall, or soft fall for playgrounds, our service provides the best means of preserving both safety and aesthetic appeal.  

Why Soft Fall Mulch Blowing?

Soft fall mulch blowing combines state-of-the-art technology with useful advantages to offer an excellent playground safety and maintenance solution. A novel approach known as "softfall mulch" uses state-of-the-art blowing equipment to guarantee that mulch is spread uniformly over the whole playground surface, creating a soft fall area. This consistency is essential because it significantly reduces the possibility of uneven surfaces and bare patches, which can cause mishaps and injuries during play.  

A softfall playground surface like bark softfall minimizes the force applied to a child's body upon impact by absorbing impact energy, in contrast to tougher surfaces like concrete or asphalt in the open spaces. Bark softfall is the most often utilized mulch since it is organic, non-toxic, and safe for the environment.Unlike traditional methods for soft fall playgrounds, which often need manual spreading and may lead to uneven covering, soft fall mulch blowing makes use of specialized equipment to guarantee precise and uniform distribution.  

Enhanced Safety:

Provides a cushioned surface that significantly reduces the impact of falls, thereby minimizing the risk of serious injuries.

Uniform Coverage:

Ensures even distribution of mulch across the entire playground area, eliminating hazardous bare spots that can lead to accidents.

Advanced Technology:

Utilizes state-of-the-art billowing technology for precise and consistent application, far superior to traditional methods.


Reduces labor costs and minimizes waste through efficient use of materials, making it an economical choice for playground maintenance.


The quick installation process ensures that playgrounds are back in use swiftly, causing minimal disruption to regular activities.

Low Maintenance:

The durable and long-lasting nature of soft fall mulch means it requires less frequent replacement, saving on long-term maintenance costs.

Benefits You’ll Love

Advanced Blowing Technology:

Our equipment includes hoses that can easily reach all regions, ensuring complete coverage and constant application.

Fast and Efficient Work:

Our advanced machinery and experienced team enable us to complete projects swiftly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruption to playground activities.

High-Quality Mulch:

We provide top-tier soft fall for playgrounds and for your area needs that meet industry standards for safety and durability, ensuring a safe play environment for children and peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

Environmental Commitment:

Our processes are eco-friendly, utilizing sustainable materials and methods that are safe for the environment, reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining high standards.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Reach Out:

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We'll talk about your playground needs in clear language to ensure we understand exactly what you're looking for.

Customize a Plan:

We'll put together a thorough proposal particularly for you after our conversation. This will succinctly summarize all we covered, including expenses and schedules as well as items like soft fall mulch.

Let’s Make it Happen:

We'll put together a thorough proposal particularly for you after our conversation. This will succinctly summarize all we covered, including expenses and schedules, as well as items like soft fall mulch.

Our Services

Our specialty is in providing premium soft autumn mulch blowing services to create playground surfaces that are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and safe with our playground soft fall mulch. What makes us unique is our commitment to quality, safety, and customer happiness. We make sure that with our softfall for playgrounds your playground is not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting by using state-of-the-art technologies and premium materials. 

Soft Fall Mulch Blowing:  

With hoses that are easily accessible in every location, we apply 20 cubic meters of soft fall mulch per hour in a timely and uniform manner using cutting-edge blowing technology.

Playground Surface Installation:

We offer complete installation services, guaranteeing a play space that is safe and complies with regulations from the ground up for new playgrounds. 

Maintenance and Repairs:

Regular maintenance and fast repairs will keep your playground surfaces in excellent shape, lowering the risk of injury in open spaces and extending the life of the materials.

Eco-Friendly Practices:

In order to protect children and reduce our impact on the environment, we are dedicated to sustainability and use eco-friendly products and procedures. 

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Soil Spreader and Soil Delivery

Soil Spreader

Soil spreading is the process of evenly distributing a layer of soil across a specific area. This is a key step in many landscaping and gardening projects. It can be used to level uneven lawns, improve drainage, create a base for planting gardens, or fill in dips and low spots in your landscape. 

Traditional soil spreading involves using hand tools like shovels and rakes, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially for large areas. We offer a revolutionary alternative - blown-in soil delivery. This innovative method utilizes powerful hoses to distribute the soil quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort on your next project.

Why Soil Spreading?

Soil spreading is the key to transforming your outdoor oasis into something truly magnificent. Spreading fresh, nutrient-rich soil is a crucial step if you want a lush, vibrant landscape that's bursting with life and vitality.

No matter if your goal is a stunning, lush lawn, captivating flower beds, or a complete landscape transformation - spreading soil, will provide you with an abundance of amazing benefits. It will nourish your lawn, enrich the soil quality, and improve drainage so your plants can thrive and flourish.

Enhanced Soil Health:

By creating ideal conditions for plant growth, our exact soil spreading techniques guarantee an even distribution of soil, improving soil health.

Improved Drainage:

Properly spread soil can help improve drainage in your garden or landscape, preventing waterlogging and reducing the risk of soil erosion.

Leveling and Smoothing:

Soil spreading can smooth uneven or rough terrain into a level, smooth surface, improving both the landscape's aesthetic appeal and usability.

Increased Nutrient Availability:

By evenly spreading soil, nutrients are distributed more uniformly, enhancing nutrient availability to plants and promoting healthier growth.

Erosion Control:

Soil spreading aids in stabilizing the soil surface, decreasing the erosion risk from wind or water runoff, particularly on slopes or bare areas.

Benefits You’ll Love

Quick & Effortless Lawn  Transformation:

Our top lawn soil with advanced equipment simplifies soil spreading, saving time and effort. It covers large areas quickly, keeping your project on track.

Guaranteed Leveling:

Our tools and skilled team ensure that your soil is spread evenly, leaving you with a nice, flat surface every time.

Spreading for All:

Big or small projects, we've got you covered. Our versatile service tackles any job, from cozy gardens to expansive landscapes.

Save Time & Money:

Our efficient methods and fast delivery times mean you spend less on labor and materials, keeping your project costs down.

Convenience You'll Love:

Forget the manual labor. We handle the dirty work with our blowing soil spreader technology, so that you can focus on the fun parts.

Stunning Results: 

With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, you can expect a landscape that will leave your neighbors asking, "how'd they do that?"

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Pick Your Option:

Explore our website for information on our extensive range of soil spreader solutions, including top soil delivery, bulk garden soil, top soil spreader and soil pumping.

Craft a Masterpiece:

Fill out our online form or give us a call to receive a customized quote for your soil spreader or top soil delivery project.

Let’s Make it Happen:

Schedule a site visit so we can understand your needs and provide a tailored quote.

Mega Mulchers Services

We offer a complete suite of soil spreader and soil blowing services and top soil delivery in Melbourne and complete Victoria, Australia. From convenient garden soil delivery to efficient soil pumping for large areas, we've got you covered. Breathe new life into your lawn with our premium top soil delivery and spreading of lawn soil, top soil spreader and bulk soil supply, specifically designed for healthy grass.

Mega Mulchers focus is on making your project effortless. Skip the heavy lifting and endless trips with our soil spreader and top soil delivery options.  Need bulk garden soil for a large project? We are bulk soil suppliers and our garden soil prices are competitive and delivered directly to your site, and can help you determine the amount needed based on bulk density of soil.  Ditch the backache and uneven results with our professional soil spreader services.

Soil Delivery:

We specialize in prompt and hassle-free top soil delivery services, ensuring you receive the right amount of top soil delivered, precisely when you need soil in melbourne.

Bulk Soil Supply:

Whether you buy garden soil or landscaping soil in bulk for a small landscaping project or a large-scale construction job, we are bulk soil suppliers and our garden soil prices are affordable.

Soil Spreading:

Alleviate the stress of spreading soil with our professional soil spreader and soil blowing services and skilled technicians who ensure unmatched soil delivery and spreading in Melbourne.

Top Soil for Lawn:

Buy garden soil for lush, verdant lawns. We provide high-quality top soil delivered for lawn specifically formulated to promote healthy grass growth for the vibrant garden you've always desired with our high quality bulk density of top soil for lawn.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Sand pit building and top ups

Sand Pit

A sand pit, commonly known as a sandbox, is a designated area filled with sand, providing an exciting space for children to play and explore. Whether it is a one child sand pit or a large sand pit for multiple kids, sand pit promises hours of fun and imagination. Kids can dig, build, and create to their heart's content in this soft and inviting pit of sand. With its versatile design, the sand pit offers endless entertainment with nobody getting hurt during the fun. 

Why Sand Pits?

A sand pit is more than just a place to play. Kids sand pit is a place where kids can be creative, make friends, and get active. You can feel safe and welcome there, and kids can play, explore, and dream in childerns sand pit. For many reasons, like improving sensory development and aesthetics, a sand pit is an important part of any outdoor area.

Sand pits go way beyond just being a backyard classic; schools, early childhood institutions, and playgrounds all have them for a purpose.  These designated sand areas offer children a world of opportunities.  They come in a variety of sizes, from small sandboxes for one child to large pits ideal for group play.

In these sensory-rich spaces, youngsters can express their creativity by creating sandcastle empires or collaborating on elaborate sand masterpieces.  Schools and institutions can even arrange for sand delivery to ensure a clean and safe playground.

Unlimited Creativity:

With sand at their fingertips, kids can build, sculpt, and create anything they imagine, turning their playtime into a world of endless possibilities.

Develops Skills:

Playing in the sand isn't just fun; it's also great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as kids scoop, pour, and mold the sand.

Encourages Social Play:

A sand pit is a gathering spot where kids can come together, share toys, and collaborate on projects, fostering social interaction and teamwork.

Sensory Exploration:

Feeling the texture of the sand, hearing it trickle through their fingers, and smelling its earthy scent engages kids' senses, promoting sensory exploration and learning.

Outdoor Adventure:

A Kids sand pit offers a refreshing outdoor experience, enticing kids to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and connect with nature.

Therapeutic Relaxation:

The rhythmic motion of digging and building in the sand has a calming effect, helping kids unwind and relax while they play.

Adds Charm:

A well-designed sand pit adds visual appeal to your backyard, school playground, enhancing its charm and creating a focal point for outdoor gatherings and playdates.

Benefits You’ll Love

Customized Sand Blends:

We can make sand blends that are exactly what you need and want, so your child sand pit will look great with your yard and conform to your vision.

Blowing technology:

Our cutting-edge blowing technology uses strong lines to spread sand quickly and evenly over the area you choose, saving you time and work.

Skilled Installation:

Careful and accurate installation by our team of professionals will make sure that your sand pit is set up properly and ready for use to enjoy right away.

Lasting Quality:

Our sand pits are made to last with high-quality materials and careful fitting. They can handle the weather and be used for years, giving you a good return on your investment.

Affordable Rates:

Blowing technology saves you money on labor costs because it doesn't require any manual work. This makes it a cost-effective way to build your sand pit.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Consultation and Planning:

Set up an appointment to get personalized advice and a plan that fits your goals and budget.

Customized price:

After your consultation, you'll get a detailed price with clear pricing. If you agree with it, we'll set up your installation.

Let’s Make It Happen:

Sit back and relax while our skilled technicians use the latest technology to build your sand pit quickly and to the highest standards of quality.

Our Services:

Mega Mulchers is your one-stop shop for all things sand pit! We specialize in creating dream sandboxes for children (think soft sand, secure sand pit with cover!), large-scale commercial sand pits also known as large sand pit, and even custom design pit of sand featuring sand pit digger and interactive elements.

We handle every detail, from sour cing high-quality sand pit sand to ensuring safety with sturdy sand pit cover.  Need build a sandpit advice? We've got you covered!  Looking for sand pit with sand or a kiddies sand pit for your backyard? We can help!

Whether you want to build a sandpit, get a sand pit with cover or simply buy sand pit sand, we’ve got you covered.

Fast Installation:

You can trust our experienced team to take care of everything, from the initial planning to the final inspection of your kiddies sand pit, making sure that your sand pit with sand dreams come true.

On-Call Repairs:

Our expert repair services will give your old sand pit a new lease on life, making sure that safety is maintained and fun is increased.

Custom Designs:

You can work with us to make a sand pit that fits perfectly in your outdoor space and meets all of your specific needs and wants with the help of our sand pit digger.

Safety Upgrades:

Put safety first with our full safety upgrades, which include protective features and soft surfaces to make a safe place for kids to play and explore.

Care Throughout:

Our dedicated care services will keep your sand pit in perfect shape, extending its life and making sure that everyone is happy for a long time.

Supply and Delivery:

Our services includes supply and delivery of top quality sand and sand delivery in bulk as per your need and keeping kids safety in mind.

Terraseeding in Melbourne Victoria

Mulch Blowing

Mulch Blowing

Mulch blowing is an efficient and precise method of applying mulch to landscapes, gardens, and large areas. Using specialized equipment known as mulch blower or bark blower, mulch is blown evenly and accurately over the desired area, ensuring thorough coverage and optimal results. Whether you need to blow in mulch for residential or commercial projects, our mulch blowing service is designed to save you time and effort.

Why Choose Mulch Blowing?

Opting for mulch blowing over traditional methods for blow in mulch offers numerous advantages. It provides a faster, cleaner, and more efficient way to apply mulch, especially for large or hard-to-reach areas. Our professional team uses state-of-the-art mulch blowers and spray mulch to deliver precise and consistent results, reducing waste and ensuring your landscape looks pristine.

Benefits of Mulch Blowing


Mulch blowing significantly reduces the time and labor needed to apply mulch compared to manual spreading.


Achieve even and uniform coverage, enhancing the appearance and health of your landscape.


Ideal for difficult-to-reach areas, slopes, and large spaces where traditional mulching is impractical.

Reduced Waste:

Precise application means less mulch is wasted, making it a cost-effective solution.

Minimal Disruption:

The process is quick and minimizes disruption to your property, ensuring a clean and tidy finish.

Benefits You’ll Love

Competitive Mulch Blowing Cost:

We provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Get competitive mulch blowing cost for professional mulch blowing services.

Expert Team:

Our experienced professionals ensure high-quality results with every project you are looking for, like soil blower, mulch blower, bark blowing and more.

Premium Materials:

We use only the best mulch, soil, and bark to enhance your landscape's health and aesthetics.

Customized Services:

We offer personalized solutions to meet your unique requirements, whether you need mulch spraying, bark blowing, mulch delivery or soil blowing, our techniques like spray mulch give maximum coverage.

Local Expertise:

As a trusted provider in the Melbourne area, we understand the local climate and soil conditions, ensuring optimal results.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Contact Us:

Reach out by phone, email, or through our website. We'll discuss your needs and schedule a free consultation.

Free Consultation and Quote:

Our experts will assess your property, provide recommendations, and give you a detailed, no-obligation quote.

Schedule and Enjoy:

Approve the quote, and we'll schedule the mulch blowing service at your convenience, transforming your landscape with precision and care.

Our Services

Our mulch blowing services are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, both residential and commercial and Mega Mulchers are available if you are looking for “mulching near me”. Our professional crew uses high-tech mulch blower, soil blower, soil spreader and bark blower to ensure quick, accurate, and even mulch application. We blow with the skills and tools to deliver exceptional results, whether you want to enhance your home garden, maintain a commercial landscape, or address specific environmental issues.

Residential Mulch Blowing:

Enhance the beauty and health of your home garden or yard with our efficient and precise high rise mulch pumping and mulch application.

Commercial Mulch Blowing:

Perfect for large-scale landscaping projects, parks, and business properties, providing a clean and professional look.

Erosion Control:

Use our mulch blowing service that helps in soil erosion control and promote healthy plant growth in vulnerable areas.

Playground Mulching:

Safe and durable playground mulch application for playgrounds, ensuring a soft and protective surface for children.

Seasonal Mulching:

Keep your landscape looking its best year-round with our seasonal mulch spraying services.

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